Kinder in front of Mural

Kindergarten traveled with “Clifford, the Big Red Dog as he visited the country (Campo), town (Pueblo) and city (Ciudad). Through his adventures, they learned about being caring, a good communicator, a risk-taker and an Inquirer, and were introduced to many new words in Spanish. They did an excellent job working in groups to illustrate their areas and label special objects.

After listening to the story, “Town Mouse-Country Mouse” students used a Venn Diagram system to determine what phrases identified the town or country mouse–or both.

Town-City Mouse

Second graders learned the importance of clear, detailed communication, when describing an object to a partner who could not see it or verbally respond. “How do I explain a fishing pole?” Kairi asked. “What is this? wondered Sahar. It wasn’t nearly as easy as they anticipated.



Fourth grade practiced “reading” illustrations, as they developed and told their stories using wordless picture books. They demonstrated creativity, and team work while incorporating a logical sequence, cause and effect and appropriate story elements.

DS Bingo 1


Rojo, verde, azul...Circulo, triangulo……Second grade gets ready to show their skills in SPANISH BINGO.

Looks like they are pretty confident as they gather their disks!

Vocabulary lists of what they are learning will be sent home each trimester.

It’s all about communication! First grade participated in a “sharing train” to learn even more about the friends they spend time with each day.  As they moved down the line, they asked and answered questions to find out something they had not known before. We have learned to recognize and appreciate the differences in other people.

Ciudad, Pueblo, Campowhat are the differences and where would Clifford prefer to live? Kindergarten found many examples of caring, patience, responsibility, acceptance and risk taking through the antics of the “Clifford, the Big, Red Dog” series by Norman Bridwell. They also learned and illustrated many words in Spanish related to a town, the city and country.